HH-Kuriiri Oy –

which was established in 1994, is a service company for entrepreneurs offering courier mail and personal transport services.

The roots of the company are however already from Soviet Union period, because the founder of the company, Mr. Hannu Hakko got a personal transportation license for a minibus for the line Lappeenranta – Leningrad – Lappeenranta year 1990 and since that year the courier mail and personal transportation services started. The company is the first one offering such kind of Russian courier mail services in Finland.

The activities of the company are based on good service, quickness, safety and flexibility as well as knowledge of Russia and specially St. Petersburg with its surroundings. The courier mail services are done in St. Petersburg by the own drivers of the company and further till Moscow all over Russia with the co-operation of long term and reliable partner companies.

Take the advantage of our personnelīs knowledge of Russia for your use!