Courier mail and parcel services to Russia

We deliver letters and parcels to St. Petersburg door-to-door in the same working day*), to Moscow the next working day*) and other cities in Russia always as an Express delivery.

  • Letters, documents, schemes
  • Brochures, printing and advertisement materials even straight to the fair stand
  • Specimen, small spare parts (non-commercial items)

*) Courier mail transportation leaves Lappeenranta every working day (except Russian and Finnish national holidays) at 6.45 Finnish time and the courier mail is delivered in St. Petersburg in the same working day and in Moscow city center the next working day – door-to-door.



Weight (per unit)
Weight max.
St. Petersburg (same working day*) Moscow (next working day*)
250 g
500 g
1 kg
2 kg
5 kg
10 kg
next kg
45 eur
50 eur
55 eur
65 eur
75 eur
125 eur
10 eur/kg
55 eur
60 eur
65 eur
75 eur
100 eur
150 eur
15 eur/kg

Pickup surcharge for deliveries from Russia to Finland +10 euros (does not apply to shipments delivered to Suomi-Talo in St. Petersburg).

Our courier service is always EXPRESS,without any extra charge!

Price from/to Lappeenranta per parcel etc. per direction.

Courier mail transportation leaves Lappeenranta on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (except Russian and Finnish national holidays) and all deliveries arrived till 6.00 Finnish time will be delivered to company office addresses St. Petersburg mainly in the same working day and in Moscow city center mainly the next working
Deliveries to privat people are picked up or left to/from the Finnish House (Suomi-Talo) in St.Petersburg,

Return mail to Lappeenranta/Finland is mainly delivered from St.Petersburg mainly in two working days and from Moscow mainly in four working days.

Collection free from posti office, bus station etc. is + 20 eur + VAT 24 %

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONSDelivery instruction from Finland to Russia

Letters and parcels (mail, magazines, brochures, adverticement materials etc. non-customs and non-commercial items) delivered through HH-Kuriiri Oy company P.O.Box (or visiting address) are send to address:

HH-Kuriiri Oy
P.O.Box 44 (Kirjaajankatu 14)
FI-53501 Lappeenranta, Finland (FI-53300 Lappeenranta, Finland)
Tel. +358 (0)50 416 4050

For letter and document delivies there is a covering envelope with HH-Kuriiri Oy company P.O.Box address. Inside of the covering letter there is and accompanying note and an envelope, which will be delivered to the destination and marked the delivery address, contact person details and telephone number.

In the Accompanying note is mentioned:
1) The Senderīs company and contact personīs information details (address, telephone number and e-mail address)
2) The Receiverīs company and contact personīs information details (address and telephone number)
3) The content and weight of the delivery
4) The invoicing details with possible reference etc. information and
5) Additional information about the wishes wishes for the delivery.

Specimen deliveries etc. (non-customs and non-commercial items) there must be also a Proforma Incoice.

The mail which is given in the morning by Lappeenranta post office (Itella), is delivered in the city center of St. Petersburg (inside KAD or addresses, which are separately agreed) mainly in the same working day and is leaving forward to the destination from St. Petersburg to Moscow and other cities of Russia mainly in the same working day.


Deliveries for private persons and other non-permanent company clients can be delivered and collected in St. Petersburg from Finnish House (Suomi-Talo) during its opening hours. From all deliveries must be agreed with HH-Kuriiri company IN ADVANCE f. ex. by email:

Finnish House (Suomi-Talo)
Bolshaja Konjussennaja 8, St. Petersburg
Open during working days between 8.00-16.00

Delivery instruction from Russia to Finland and abroad

Orders for deliveries of letters, documents and parcels (non-customs, non-commercial items and specimen) can be made by e-maill:

The deliveries coming from St. Petersburg are picked up by HH-Kuriiri company and from companies located in the city center of Moscow and other cities of Russia by the local partners of HH-Kuriiri Oy.

The company clients with a contract with HH-Kuriiri Oy can be invoiced in Finland, but the deliveries of individual persons and companies without a contract with HH-Kuriiri Oy are paid in advance when leaving the delivery. The deliveries from Lappeenranta to other destinations are sent forward by the prices and terms of Finnish Post office or by DHL according to the agreement and the carrierīs terms of deliveries.

Deliveries can be ordered by HH-Kuriiri Oy email address: